Terrence Howard Talks Cookie & Lucious: ‘They’re Twin Flames’

On Tuesday's show, when asked if there’s a chance of reconciliation between his “Empire” character Lucious and Taraji P. Henson’s character Cookie, Terrence Howard weighed in on the roller coaster relationship by referencing the “qualities of love” that are outlined in 1 Corinthians 13.

“I have not seen that in Cookie and Lucious’ actions,” Terrence declared with a laugh. “He left her in prison for 17 years and didn’t visit her!”

He continued to explain, “I think more so that they are twin flames and not soulmates, and I wouldn’t want my daughter married to a man like Lucious! Even though I love their dynamic.”

Terrence also touched on his admiration for his chemistry with Taraji.

“Me and Taraji, we’ve done so many things together and you feel that magnetism together,” he added.

“Empire” is entering its sixth and final season and Terrence got emotional speaking about the work family he’s gotten so close with over the years, tearing up when gushing about the “many, many friends” he’s made on the set.


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