What’s One Movie You Think Should Never Be Remade?

Remakes have become a Hollywood staple these days. It feels like every day there’s an announcement about an iconic film being redone for a new generation to devour. But some entertainment favorites are not to be messed with — just take it from Yvette Nicole Brown, who wants to protect the greatness that is the ’80s classic “The Princess Bride.” Yvette had this to say about safeguarding the film’s legacy when she stopped by “The Real” on Thursday.

“Don’t do it,” Yvette urged. “There are some movies that are perfect. Like every shot, every character, every person cast.”

She just feels it’s “not the right thing to do” and her “Twitter boyfriend Chris Evans agrees.” Plus, she even spoke to the film’s Fred Savage about the potential!

Another movie that shouldn’t get rebooted? “All About Eve,” she remarked, to which Loni agreed. Tamera added that “Goonies” doesn’t need an update, and Jeannie thinks we should leave “Pretty Woman” alone.

“I love Garry Marshall. I think ‘Pretty Woman’ could be updated with new people and be fresh and wonderful,” Yvette chimed in.

Yvette knows something about making movies — she wrote and acts in the upcoming BET film “Always A Bridesmaid.”

“It’s so weird to see things, words that came out of your mind coming out of brilliant actors’ mouths,” she said of watching her script come to life after 20 years of working on it.

So, what’s one film you would never want to see remade?


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