Sex in Your 20s vs. Sex in Your 40s

“When you hit them 40s, it feels good!” That’s what Loni had to say in Friday’s episode when the hosts chatted about being selfish in the bedroom. You tell ’em!

Loni feels that even if you’re not in a relationship at that chapter in your life, you’ll be at a sexual peak! “Get it while you can!”

“We haven’t even hit our prime!” Adrienne said in a toast with Amanda Seales, who remarked she’s “encroaching” on that era!

Tamera opened up about knowing “what she wanted” even before she had sex.

“Even though I wasn’t having sex, I knew what I liked,” she shared.

This revelation prompted Loni to expand on her comments about sex at various stages in life, pointing to the benefits of having a certain type of partner at a younger age.

“In your 20s and 30s, it’s nice to have a partner that gets you and it’s a singular partner and you guys can work together and things like that,” Loni explained. “I think that’s important.”

Adrienne agreed! “I think you hop around sometimes in your 20s and what happens is that no one ever gets a chance to figure it out with you,” she said. “If you’re consistently with someone long enough, maybe they will figure it out, no?”

As guest co-host Amanda Seales noted, “I think it’s dope when you meet someone who’s like, ‘You know what? I’m gonna make it my business to figure it out.’”

Do you agree?


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