Proposals: To Capture on Camera or Not?

An engagement can be one of the most unforgettable moments in someone’s life, and many want the milestone immortalized through a photograph. It’s not easy getting the perfect shot of the second it happens, and the ladies of “The Real” discussed whether they’d be down with going so far as to disguise themselves to get a picture of a friend or family member’s proposal. One woman even dressed up as a bush to capture her sister’s big moment! Would you do the same?

“I would feel like I’m invading this special moment,” Tamera admitted. “I will wait until the wedding and give the best speech there. I want them to have just that privacy, because the thing is, I would want my sister’s permission and I can’t ask her because then I would be ruining the entire engagement.”

“I would feel like I am invading something especially for them,” she explained. “And I know you think maybe, ‘I want the best pictures of the engagement,’ but then again, I wouldn’t want to share that. That's just between me and my fiancé.”

As Tamera pointed out, she took a picture after the fact. She and Adam got engaged in Venice and took a picture at dinner. “That’s a special moment for us, that’s in my mind,” she continued.

Adrienne gets it! “There are some moments where you don’t even need a photograph,” she noted. “It’s so sacred that it’s in your mind.”

Guest co-host Jess Hilarious is all about capturing the special occasion! She chimed in, “My best friend better be there taking that picture,” while Jeannie would “specifically honor” the friend who could get her in her best light!

Are you into catching milestones like a proposal on camera, or do you prefer to keep ’em in your memories?


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