Sorry, Folks! Adele & Beyoncé Probably Didn’t Record a Song Together

Music-loving hearts all over were collectively crushed yesterday after buzz swirled about a possible collaboration between two legendary artists. Ryan Tedder, the OneRepublic frontman and songwriter behind hits like “Halo” and “Turning Tables,” discussed his upcoming album with Z100 New York at this week’s Global Citizen Festival, and one of his remarks received quite the reaction when he teased an alleged track.

“We have one song featuring Beyoncé and Adele with a Chris Martin piano solo in the bridge,” he said at one point in the interview.

Um, Bey plus Adele and Coldplay’s lead singer? Naturally, the possibility generated excitement among fans right away. But as it turns out, he was just playing around! To quote Adele’s famous song “Rumor Has It” (another smash Tedder helped pen): “Just ’cause I said it don’t mean that I meant it.”

“Three of my favorite things,” Ryan wrote on Instagram before throwing to definitions of “absurdity,” “kidding” and “joke.”

“Journalist: any cool collaborations on the next @onerepublic album?” he shared. “Me utilizing ‘sarcasm,’ ‘kidding,’ and a ‘joke’ simultaneously, ‘Ya, we have one song featuring Beyoncé, Adele and Chris Martin, but I don’t want to talk about it or give too much away.’”

He then shared screen grabs of a bevy of headlines from “48 hours later” that report Adele and Bey’s apparently nonexistent joint record.

“Come onnnnnnnnn people,” he went on, before adding, “All that said— wouldn’t that be a [fire emoji] collab? I’d stream it.”

Way to get our hopes up, Ryan!

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