Ariana Grande Speaks ‘Endless Strength’ on ‘Thank U, Next’ Anniversary

Ariana Grande is grateful for her ex, and her past year.

On Sunday on Twitter, the “7 Rings” singer celebrated the one-year anniversary of her smash hit “Thank U, Next” — in which she croons about her relationships with Big Sean, Pete Davidson, Ricky Alvarez and the late Mac Miller.

While honoring the No. 1 single, the 26-year-old got real on Twitter about her self-help journey.

“i can’t believe i’ve spent more time alone this year than i have in my life, i can’t believe how many sessions w my therapist i’ve had,” the songstress wrote. “how many times i’ve sung this song, how much i’ve learned and healed, how much i still have to learn and heal!”

But the musician could not have done it alone. She also gave thanks to the loved ones who have supported her through the ups and downs.

“it’s been one [hell] of a productive, emotional, wild and yet ... happy! Year,” she exclaimed. “thankful for my babies who have provided me with endless strength, energy and inspiration... and to my friends who have held me together on the road and at home. i’m sure they’re just as exhausted lmao."

This is not the first time Grande has opened up about her mental health.

After canceling meet-and-greets in August 2019, Ariana reportedly sent fans a personal message about her anxiety and depression.

“Hi my loves, time for some honesty. My anxiety and depression have been at an all time high lately. I have been giving you all I’ve got and trying to push through as hard as I can and mask it,” she said in an email. “Today has been an extra rough one. After a handful of panic attacks I feel like the wisest decision would be not to do soundcheck party or m&g today and preserve me energy for the show. I don’t want to rush through our time together or seem shaky. I like spending actual time with you and I won’t be able to be present or give you the best of me today. I wish I could control these attacks but as anyone with anxiety or depression understands, sometimes you can only operate on its terms and not your own. Anybody that had m&g or soundcheck today will of course be fully reimbursed for this decision. I love you. I’m so sorry. I promise I will absolutely give you the best show I can.”

Ariana’s honesty never ceases to amaze us.


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