What's Up, Doc? Vaping Edition

How concerned should we be about vaping-related respiratory issues? Watch Dr. Freda drop some very important information on vaping and how “Get Healthy Stay Healthy” can help. “Get Healthy Stay Healthy” offers informative articles, helpful tools, and other resources developed by medical professionals. For more information, head to GetHealthyStayHealthy.com.


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Health Wednesday, April 28

Donald Trump Urged to Make PSA to Republicans About COVID-19 Vaccination

Former president Donald Trump has been asked to save his legacy with an urgent PSA to Republicans about the importance of the COVID-19 vaccine, but are some Americans ready to put everything we endured for four years to the side to ask for his help? Plus, an uptick of people behaving badly on airplanes and in airports amid new travel requirements has us wondering why it’s so hard to follow the rules.