Charlize Theron Was Told She Looked ‘Horrible’ After Gaining Weight for Role

Charlize Theron gets real about Hollywood’s obsession with weight.

While sitting down with fellow producers for The Hollywood Reporter’s Producer Roundtable, the “Bombshell” actress detailed a story of when she was criticized for gaining 30 lbs. for her acclaimed portrayal of serial killer Aileen Wuornos in 2003’s “Monster.”

“As soon as I started gaining weight, I had one of the financiers call me up,” the 44-year-old told the group. “Actually, his wife saw me, and she was like, ‘Did you see Charlize? Have you seen what she looks like?’ And I got that call, like, ‘What's going on with that?’”

When the reported film financier called Theron, he disparaged her for looking “horrible.”

“He was like, ‘What are you doing? You never smiled. You look so angry. You look horrible,’” she continued. “So you panic a little bit because you are putting yourself out there, and you are taking a risk, and when you do that, you are not a hundred percent sure. You are taking a chance. So there is a part of you that second-guesses, right? And you are like, ‘----, well, maybe I did go too far with this.’ Then you realize you have to stand that ground.”

Of course, Charlize had the last laugh when she ended up winning the 2004 Best Actress Oscar for her role in the biographical crime drama.

While speaking to Adam Driver for “Variety Studio: Actors on Actors” earlier this month, the South Africa native opened up about her track record of playing unlikable female protagonists.

“I built a career on playing people you don’t like,” she exclaimed. “I remember so vividly working with George Miller on ‘Mad Max: Fury Road.’ There was this concept of a woman saving five young women. That, on its own, I was like, ‘No, who wants to play the woman who’s saving all the other women?’ There has to be some human experience there that is faulty, self-serving, angry, aggressive, that it’s not all the right reasons. You don’t always do things for the right reasons.”

However, Theron prefers to play flawed characters who are anything but “perfect.”

“But I would be lying if I didn’t say that I can relate to being a woman on a different degree, experiencing those same thoughts about me. I have heard people describe me as cold, or hard, or a -----. You know what I mean?” she said. “I can always find that thing that might not be so attractive and bring it back to just human circumstance. That’s a human that I know. The perfect stuff is hard for me to relate to.”

Keep being you, Charlize!


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