‘The Real’ Speaks Out on Cardi B & Offset’s Latest Cheating Scandal!

Adrienne Houghton is right: Cardi B and Offset’s latest cheating scandal is “too much”!

On Tuesday, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper defended her husband after he was accused of sliding into Tekashi 6ix9ine's girlfriend Jade’s direct messages, and trying to cover it up by claiming his social media accounts got hacked.

This isn’t the first time the Migos group member has been accused of infidelity. Back in December 2018, it was revealed that the artist — born Kiari Kendrell Cephus — allegedly expressed interest in rapper Cuban Doll, and a woman who goes by “Summer Bunni.”

On Wednesday’s live episode of “The Real,” the hosts reacted to the drama involving the married hip-hop couple.

Adrienne noted that the controversy must be taxing on Cardi and Offset, given their past scandals.

“Dis too much. Dis too much. That’s all the feels right there. D-I-S too much! I think a lot of women can relate to this because at the end of relationships sometimes you’ve had a moment where there the trust was broken, and you choose to forgive and stay with the person,” Houghton exclaimed.

She continued, “Now you’re in this process of rebuilding trust and then for something like this to come out is just like, ‘Damn, again!’ Dis too much!”

However, Jeannie Mai appeared to take Cardi’s side in the matter, citing the rapper’s confident dismissal of Jade’s allegations.

“So, Cardi’s reaction after knowing what she knows about him, it looks like to me that she was like, ‘I ain’t tripping, so y’all just go on about your business, 'cause I don’t care,’” Mai exclaimed. “So that’s her business!”

In one of her Instagram videos, Cardi — with Offset and their baby, Kulture, in the background — contends that his accounts were indeed hacked.

"Hey, guys, so as you can see, this guy's Instagram has been hacked. We look crazy, we just woke up. We've been sick throughout the whole damn night… Anyways, you know, I know babe, you've done some dumb ----,” she said. “Everybody knows he's done some dumb ----. But come on now, [he's] not dumb, he's not crazy, we've been so good, we had a sweet weekend, our life has been good, he's not going to play himself like that. That's why I'm not going to entertain that, that's why I'm not getting rowdy. Simple as that."

Offset also reiterated this point in a video posted to Cardi's Instagram Stories.

"Somebody hacked one of my emails. You know what I'm saying? It's connected to all of my ----," he exclaimed. "And that's how I got hacked."

Cardi and Offset secretly got married in September 2017.


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