Is Being Called ‘Cold’ an Insult for Women?

On an episode of “The Real,” Tamera Mowry-Housley, Adrienne Houghton, Loni Love, and Jeannie Mai — along with guest co-host Tisha Campbell — discussed a quote from Charlize Theron where the actress opens up about her public perception.

While speaking to fellow actor Adam Driver for “Variety Studio: Actors on Actors,” the Oscar winner said she has “heard people describe [her] as cold, or hard, or a -----.”

Right off the bat, Loni questioned whether having this label is a bad thing.

“To me, I don’t look at it as an insult. I look at it as being a strong woman,” the comedienne exclaimed. “I think it’s something that people are not used to seeing, especially a lot of men.”

Love added, “This is not just men that do this. Other women call other women this.”

For Jeannie, she would rather work with a “cold” person who gets things done, as long as they are not rude or disrespectful.

“Let’s make a distinction. Cold-hearted ----- does not connotate that you are rude or disrespectful, right? ’Cause that’s a different person that I don’t want to play with,” Mai said. “If I had to choose what people I want to work with, I like the cold people that just get it done, and don’t mix feelings with feelings, and just get to the vision.”

However, Tamera believes being called a “cold-hearted -----” is a “negative” thing, and would rather be called “strong, direct, and assertive.”

When Houghton asked the group, “Why not just use those words?” Loni brought up the point that society often undermines outspoken women.

“I think because they want to try to make you not be strong and assertive, and so they try to add an insult,” Loni exclaimed. “So that’s why we flip the script and say, “Okay, that’s what you think I am, fine, but get this done.”

Flip the script, indeed!


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