Model Slick Woods Almost Died from Seizure After Cancer Diagnosis

Slick Woods is keeping her spirits up despite having health issues.

On Tuesday on Instagram, the model — who appeared in campaigns for Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty — revealed she suffered an “unexpected seizure in the middle of the night.”

She credits friend Chey Allegra with “saving [her] life,” and is now able to walk again.

In addition to posting a video of herself smiling from a hospital bed, the runway star wrote the caption, “Now that I’m feeling a million times better and walking again thanks @cheyalli for saving my life during an unexpected seizure in the middle of the night, man there’s so many people going through way worse.”

She added the hashtag, “#staygoofy.”

In November 2019, Woods told The Shade Room that her Stage 3 melanoma cancer is spreading.

“How I feel about chemotherapy, shout out to everyone that gotta go through it #atleastimalreadybald,” the 23-year-old wrote on her personal social media page at the time.

Months before this, in September, she gave birth to Saphir, her son with fellow model Adonis Bosso.

Stay strong, Slick!


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