Kim Kardashian’s Kitchen Sparks Social Media Frenzy!

Keeping up with Kim Kardashian’s kitchen!

Earlier this week, social media went up in arms over a photo posted on the Instagram page of SKIMS, the “KUWTK” star’s shapewear line.

In the snap, the 39-year-old stands near two of her refrigerators, which appear to contain various brands of milk and bottled water — but little to no solid food.

After the “baffling” story went viral, the mother of four went on Instagram Story to prove she has a kitchen stocked with food — and LOTS of it!

To begin, the reality TV personality went back to where she shot the SKIMS pic and revealed it’s a pantry featuring various glass jars of dry foods and snacks, an actual frozen yogurt machine, and two drink fridges — holding “fresh juices,” “fresh water,” and milk.

As to why she stocks several types of dairy, Kanye West’s wife says “all my kids use a different kind of milk.”

Kim then ventures to her massive kitchen — “where it all happens” — and proudly displays her main walk-in fridge, which contains “fresh, organic produce,” condiments, and packed meals.

She also revealed the family is “building on the property all organic trees” to grow their own food.

After Kim’s kitchen tour went viral, social media users couldn’t contain their envy.

While one wrote, “Kim Kardashian’s fridge really a Grocery Store,” another commenter exclaimed, “Now that’s one beautiful pantry and fridges.”

Life is good when you’re Kim Kardashian!


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