Cynthia Erivo Reacts to Lack of Diversity in BAFTA Nominations
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Cynthia Erivo has stern words for the BAFTAs following the announcement of their 2020 film award nominations.

On Tuesday, Twitter users began trending the hashtag #BAFTAsSoWhite after all the nominees in the major acting categories were revealed to be white.

In fact, there were only a handful of black and Asian nominees — including Awkwafina, who snagged a nod for the Rising Star Award.

On Thursday, the “Harriet” star — who earned critical acclaim for her portrayal of abolitionist Harriet Tubman — spoke out about the controversy at the red carpet premiere for her new HBO show “The Outsider.”

“It’s disappointing to see that we’ve got to this point in time and we’ve had such wonderful advancement in inclusion and diversity, and the films this year were beautiful, such wonderful stories told, and to not have that represented in an awards show like the BAFTAs is just disappointing, really,” the British actress exclaimed.

The 33-year-old also confirmed a Variety report that said she declined to perform at the ceremony after not receiving a nomination.

“The reason I didn’t perform is because I don’t think it’s proper representation, as a woman of color, of people of color in this industry,” she declared.

The Emmy and Grammy winner also commented on BAFTA’s Thursday announcement that they were launching a “careful and detailed review” of the voting process.

“Let’s see how (the review) does. Whether it affects next year or the year after, who knows? But I definitely think it’s time for change. We can’t overlook it anymore,” she said.

BAFTA CEO Amanda Berry previously said the organization was “disappointed” by the outcome of the nominations.


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