YouTube Star NikkieTutorials Comes Out as Transgender

Nikkie de Jager, also known as NikkieTutorials, has come out as transgender.

On Monday, the beauty vlogger posted a candid video on YouTube, opening up about her decision to reveal her gender identity.

“I want to start the year off with the truth. I want to start the year off by finally revealing a part of my life that has made me who I am. I want to talk about a part of myself that makes me, me,” the Dutch makeup artist exclaimed. “I can’t believe I’m saying this today to all of you for the entire world to see, but damn, it feels good to finally do it. It is time to let go and be truly free. When I was younger, I was born in the wrong body, which means that I am transgender.”

Despite her announcement, the Internet personality does not believe we “need labels” because “at the end of the day, I am me and, at the end of the day, you are you.”

“I am NikkieTutorials and I am Nikkie,” she declared.

As to why she shared the news, the 25-year-old claims she was blackmailed by individuals who threatened to out her.

“We live in a world where other people hate on people that are truly themselves. I have been blackmailed by people that wanted to leak my story to the press,” she said. “And at first it was frightening... to know that there are people out there that are so evil that they can’t respect someone’s true identity. It is vile and it is gross... They said they wanted to leak it because I’m lying or that I don’t want to tell my truth or because they feel like I’m too scared for people to know who I truly am. I’m not scared.”

The Wageningen, Netherlands, native also revealed she began taking hormones at 14 and was fully transitioned by 19.

“Ever since I was born, I’ve always thought I was a girl,” she said. “All of me was girly. My mom knew immediately that I either was going to be gay or a different type of story. And it turned out to be a different type of story.”

Fortunately, her mom was supportive and allowed her to grow out her hair at age 6 and wear girls’ clothes years later.

De Jager also discussed her relationship with fiancé Dylan Drossaers, and how she “wished she told him sooner.”

“Dylan is a very, very special guy. I’ve never met anyone like Dylan. He is truly the most kindhearted man in my life ever,” she said. “He knows now, but I wish I’d told him sooner. Everything felt so magical, so good, that I was afraid to lose him if I would tell my whole story. At the point where I told him my whole story, of course, he was shocked, but that’s a private matter that we’re dealing with and that I’m so proud we’re able to deal with."

Overall, Nikkie aspires to uplift those “who feel insecure, who feel out of place, who feel misunderstood.”

“We need to accept each other. We need to respect each other. But most of all, we need to hear each other and understand,” she said. “It doesn’t matter what type of label someone belongs to, what kind of hair color someone has, the type of clothing they wear, their height, their weight, their size, the way they look, the way they want to express themselves. It is 2020 and it is time for us to understand, accept, hear, and respect. The time for you to love yourself and express yourself the way you truly feel is now.”

Watch the full video (below):


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