Have You Ever Been Tricked Into a Date?

Careful of the covert courters!

On Thursday’s episode of “The Real,” hosts Jeannie Mai, Loni Love, Adrienne Houghton, Tamera Mowry-Housley and Amanda Seales discussed a Quora thread that asked if anyone has ever been tricked into going on a date.

For example, you may think you’re enjoying a meal with a platonic friend or coworker, but the other person believes y’all are on a romantic outing!

“I call it a ‘duped date,’” Seales exclaimed.

In fact, the “Insecure” actress was on a “duped date” two weeks ago with a “work acquaintance.”

“You think you’re going to either talk business, or maybe you’re just on a platonic hangout, and then you’re in the middle of a date. You’re like, ‘These questions feel like they’re going in a direction.’ Like, just very personal questions, and questions that are related to romantic [interests],” she explained.

However, when Amanda got a text the next day that read, “Do I get a second dinner?” she had to “very boldly say, ‘If you’re using the language associated with dating, and let me make it clear, we’re not dating.’”

That same situation happened to Love when she was invited to a play by a woman.

“I remember one time when I got asked to go to a play I really wanted to go to… and I thought it was nice that they bought me tickets, and then they bought me wine, and I was like, ‘Oh, this is nice!’” the comic noted.

However, things got dicey at dinner when the woman propositioned Loni with a seductive line.

“And we sat next to each other, and the play was great and everything, and then we went and got dinner afterwards, and then she looked at me… in a way and she threw a line, and I was like, ‘Wait, this wasn’t a date!’”

But what was the line in question?

“I can’t say it on TV,” Loni exclaimed.

To avoid awkward situations like these, Houghton turns any potential duped date into a group activity.

“I’m the weird person that, if I don’t think it’s a date, I’m coming through with my whole crew. I’m that person.”


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