Do Women Make Better Bosses?

Who run the world? Girls!

On Tuesday’s live episode of “The Real,” co-host Amanda Seales discussed a recent Washington Post article where “Like a Boss” star Tiffany Haddish said women “run businesses better than men because we can handle emotions.”

In response to this, Loni Love immediately noted, “Women know how to multitask.”

Tamera Mowry-Housley also mentioned how women “have an incomparable gift of intuition.”

“I feel like we naturally have this dance between warmth and strength,” the “Sister, Sister” alum explained. “Also, I just feel women go through hoops to get to the top, so once we’re already there, we have that natural skill set because of all the hard work.”

Additionally, Jeannie Mai discussed how the female sex has redefined what it means to be in power.

“Back in the day, a ‘boss’ used to be known as dominating, controlling, maybe even micromanaging,” the host noted. “But we have redefined what a boss actually means. Because of women, bosses are now intuitive, empathetic, open to feedback. Welcome to the year of the woman!”

Though some may believe women don’t make good bosses because they get “emotional,” Adrienne Houghton completely disagrees.

“Look at everything that women go through in their lives,” the singer exclaimed. “We hold down our emotions pretty damn well!”

At the end of the day, being a good principal depends on your person — NOT your gender.

“I’ve worked with women, and I can tell you, as an engineer, there are some women, if they are insecure, they make the worst bosses,” Love remarked. “If you’re very insecure, if you’re controlling, if they feel competitive. So it’s not always good; it really depends on the person to me.”

In her interview, Haddish said Oprah Winfrey is her “No. 1 girl boss” and the woman she looks up to the most.

“[Oprah has] employed many, many people, and I want to be able to do something like that,” the funny lady told WaPo. “I want to be able to employ many people and put food on people’s tables and put their kids through college and create some generational wealth. I think that’s important. And women are the best bosses anyway!”


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