Jessica Simpson Reveals She Was Sexually Abused as a Child

Jessica Simpson details a traumatic incident from her childhood in her upcoming memoir “Open Book.”

Per an excerpt obtained by People, the “I Wanna Love You Forever” singer reveals she experienced sexual abuse beginning at the age of 6 “when I shared a bed with the daughter of a family friend.”

“It would start with tickling my back and then go into things that were extremely uncomfortable,” the 39-year-old writes.

“I wanted to tell my parents,” she added. “I was the victim but somehow I felt in the wrong.”

Ultimately, the musician told her parents, Tina and Joe Simpson, when she was 12 during a car trip.

According to Simpson, Tina slapped Joe’s arm and exclaimed, “I told you something was happening.”

“Dad kept his eye on the road and said nothing,” Jessica wrote. “We never stayed at my parents’ friend's house again but we also didn’t talk about what I had said.”

As a result, the fashion designer coped with the trauma — as well as career pressures — by abusing alcohol and stimulants.

“I was killing myself with all the drinking and pills,” she said.

Jessica finally hit rock-bottom after a Halloween party at her house in late 2017.

“I need to stop. Something’s got to stop,” she told her closest friends. “And if it’s the alcohol that’s doing this, and making things worse, then I quit.”

“When I finally said I needed help, it was like I was that little girl that found her calling again in life,” she added. “I found direction and that was to walk straight ahead with no fear.”

After receiving support from loved ones, the former reality TV star became sober in November 2017, and has not had a drink since.

“Giving up the alcohol was easy,” she revealed. “I was mad at that bottle. At how it allowed me to stay complacent and numb.”

By sharing her story, Jessica hopes to inspire others who are dealing with similar hardships.

“It’s been a long hard deep emotional journey, one that I’ve come through the other side with pure happiness and fulfillment and acceptance of myself,” she said. “I’ve used my pain and turned it into something that can be beautiful and hopefully inspiring to people.”

“Open Book” hits shelves February 4.


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