Kehlani Seemingly Splits from YG After Steamy Valentine’s Day Collab
Getty Images/Instagram

Valentine’s Day came and went, and apparently, so did Kehlani and YG’s relationship!

Days after releasing their explicit love anthem “Konclusions,” it appears the rapper and the singer are no more.

In her new song “Valentine’s Day (Shameful)” released on Monday, the songstress appears to shade her maybe-ex with lyrics such as, “I’d say your name but you don’t deserve recognition/You played the hero but you really are the villain.”

The 24-year-old also hinted that she helped her partner fight an “addiction.”

“Wish I didn’t check your text when you was drunk asleep/I’ve seen everything I didn’t want to see/That I needed to see/That I needed it to be/Hope you live happily ever after with the bitch,” the Oakland-native added.

Amid her breakup speculation, she reportedly wrote (and then deleted) on Twitter, “---- happens. Life really happens. U Jus gotta stay pure and move with love and thank god you are one of the ones that do.”

Additionally, when a fan tweeted about the diss song — urging Kehlani to “LEAVE HIS TOXIC ASSSSSS” — she reportedly wrote back, “i’m single luv.”

Of course, this is not the first time the two — who went public in September 2019 — have had their drama play out in the media.

Per a video posted by The Shade Room in October 2019, YG was spotted kissing a different woman outside of Poppy nightclub in Los Angeles. After the shocking footage went viral, his team told the website “he was drunk” and “got carried away.”

The next month, Kehlani appeared to address the cheating scandal in her song “You Know Wassup,” where she said she was “embarrassed” by the controversy but still wanted to make things work.


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