Steven Spielberg’s Adult-Entertainer Daughter Arrested for Domestic Violence

Weeks after detailing her shocking career as an adult entertainer, Mikaela Spielberg has been charged with domestic assault.

Saturday morning in Nashville, Steven Spielberg and wife Kate Capshaw’s adopted daughter was arrested for an alleged incident involving her 47-year-old fiancé, Chuck Pankow.

“It is true,” Pankow confirmed to Fox News over the weekend, adding that the situation was “a misunderstanding.”

"No one is hurt," Pankow claimed.

Per TMZ on Monday, the couple reportedly returned home from a bar and got into an argument after he said something “rude” to her. Allegedly, Spielberg began throwing objects at Pankow, and struck him in the hand.

When authorities arrived at the scene, they reportedly saw dry blood on Pankow’s hand, and noticed that his wrist looked swollen.

Though officials say both parties admitted to a physical altercation, they determined that Spielberg was the aggressor.

Additionally, police say Spielberg’s account of the situation allegedly kept changing, while Pankow’s was consistent.

Though Pankow did not want his fiancée to be prosecuted, officers are still moving forward with her misdemeanor.

After her arrest, Spielberg was taken to Hill Detention Center, where an official told Fox News that an individual posted a $1,000 bond on her behalf.

Though she has since been released, she was initially placed on a "12-hour hold" and was not free to go at the time her bond was posted.

Last month, Spielberg gave a revealing interview to The Sun, in which she opened up about her decision to produce porn videos. She also claimed to be in the process of obtaining her sex worker license.

While describing herself as a “sexual creature,” Spielberg told the publication that she refuses to have sex with another person on camera out of respect for Pankow.

Though she says her parents are “intrigued” and “not upset” about her career choice, a source close to the legendary director told The New York Post last month that Steven and Kate are “embarrassed by her sudden public admission of entry into the sex worker world.”

The insider, who has apparently worked with the filmmaker, added, “He is kind beyond belief. He’s never lost his patience on a film set. That’s why he’s so loved. Everyone recognizes this had nothing to do with how Steven and Kate raised Mikaela. She’s 23 and can do what she wants. [Her parents] only want the best for her. But they’re also concerned that this path might not end up being the best.”


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