‘The Real’ Reacts to Drake Calling ‘Baby Mama’ a ‘Fluke’ in New Song

On Saturday, Drake made headlines when he released his new song “When to Say When,” which featured a lyric about his son Adonis’ mother, Sophie Brussaux.

“Baby mama fluke, but I love her for who she is,” the 33-year-old raps in the tune.

After Pusha T made the claim in his May 2018 diss track “The Story of Adidon,” Drake confirmed that he secretly welcomed a baby with Brussaux in his song “March 14.”

Needless to say, several social media users did not appreciate how the Grammy winner referred to the mother of his son as a “fluke.”

“Drake is rude as hell. You slept with one (of many) women with no condom, she gets pregnant, has the baby, keeps it a secret for you, takes the embarrassment when Pusha revealed it, has never said anything bad about you...and she’s a fluke?! He needs to be slapped!” a critic wrote.

“Drake called his baby mother a ‘fluke’. I just... men are embarrassing. Sophie ain’t done a thing to this man but be quiet and take care of their kid, and he out here being a headass,” another added.

However, one Twitter commenter defended the Canadian MC, exclaiming on social media, “Everyone reacting to @Drake calling his BM a “Fluke” i mean ---- happens and that’s his opinion on HIS situation! Ppl think they entitled to control how someone [lives] that they don’t even know.”

On Wednesday’s live episode of “The Real,” hosts Jeannie Mai, Adrienne Houghton, Loni Love, Tamera Mowry-Housley and Amanda Seales discussed Drake’s controversial song.

Whether the word “fluke” has a negative connotation or not, Love expressed concern with how the track is going to affect Adonis when he grows up.

“This is a child that’s involved. I don’t know how this child is going to feel when it grows up. And that was my concern. I don’t care about the adults in this situation,” the comic said. “But, for that baby, when they have to grow up and you know, in 15 years, and to hear how his parents are talking about him, I just think as a nation, we need to be more careful how we are responding to this kind of stuff.”

Jeannie wants Drake to “take ownership,” adding, “It’s a two-way situation. Condom or no condom… You always face risk even with a birth control pill that you can get pregnant, no matter what contraceptive you use. So, he should know that his pants came down just like hers.”

While Houghton believes Drake was dissing Brussaux and not their son — though that “inherently ends up dissing the child” — she asked her co-hosts, “As a father, do you think you should ever speak badly about the mother of your children?”

In response, the panel overwhelmingly answered, “No.”


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