Amanda Bynes, No Longer Engaged, Ordered to Enter Psychiatric Facility

Amanda Bynes is no longer engaged, and was ordered by a judge to enter a psychiatric facility.

On Monday, The Blast reported that the “All That” alum, her family, and her now ex-fiancé Paul Michael were in court last Thursday to discuss Bynes’ conservatorship, which was established in 2014 and extended in 2018.

Per a source, the parties discussed Bynes and Michael’s February 14 engagement, as well as the “She’s The Man” star’s current mental state.

At the end of the hearing, the judge ordered the actress to be placed into a psychiatric facility.

Though she agreed with the judge's decision at the time, Bynes reportedly never checked herself into the live-in facility over the weekend and is believed to be refusing to cooperate.

According to insiders, Michael — who reportedly met Bynes at AA classes in Los Angeles — was “freaked out” by details discussed in the meeting regarding Bynes’ current condition and how it could threaten his sobriety.

Per the publication, Bynes and Michael ended their engagement because he reportedly does not want to be blamed for Bynes’ mental health or do anything that would get him in trouble with the law.

Reportedly, Michael realized that some of the details Bynes told him about her life were not true.

If Bynes refuses to enter the facility, other steps may be taken to ensure her safety.

Asked if he and Bynes had split, Michael told InTouch on Sunday, “We did. I love her, though. She’s my best friend.”

That same day, a source told Us Weekly that Bynes “is really upset about [the breakup] and not taking it well at all.”

Previously, Bynes had deleted all of her Instagram photos with Michael.


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