Amanda Bynes Shares Photo of Ex-Fiancé After Broken Engagement

Amanda Bynes is still thinking about Paul Michael after their broken engagement.

Monday on Instagram, the “All That” alum posted the (above) photo of her and her ex-fiancé with the caption, “My love.”

Though it is unclear when the pic was taken, the star of “She’s the Man” clearly still has loving feelings for Michael, who she reportedly met at AA classes in Los Angeles.

She had previously deleted all of her social media photos with him before news of their split went viral.

According to The Blast on Monday, Bynes, Bynes’ family, and Michael reportedly attended a secret court hearing last Thursday to discuss the actress’ conservatorship.

Following the legal proceeding, the judge ordered Bynes to enter a psychiatric facility.

Though she reportedly agreed with the decision, she allegedly failed to check herself into the institution over the weekend and is believed to be refusing to cooperate.

Per the website, Michael reportedly became “freaked out” after hearing details about Bynes’ condition, and how it could affect his sobriety.

The two reportedly ended their engagement because Michael does not want to be blamed for Bynes’ mental health, or do anything that would get him in trouble with the law.

Regardless, Michael still has affection for Bynes. When asked if he and Bynes had split, Michael told InTouch on Sunday, “We did. I love her, though. She’s my best friend.”


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