2-Day-Old Puppy Miraculously Survives After Falling Down Bathroom Drain!

A heroic Australian plumber rescues a 2-day-old puppy after the poor pooch fell down a bathroom drain!

Recently on Instagram, Joseph Egan, owner of The Brisbane Plumbers, said he received a call from a woman at around 10 p.m. claiming one of her newborn dogs got stuck in a pipe.

“We initially thought this was a prank call, but it turned out to be legit. This lady rang at around 10 p.m. last night panicking and said, ‘My puppy has fallen down the floor drain and is stuck!’” Egan wrote on social media.

“I realized it was serious,” he later told USA Today. “She was really quite panicked. You could really hear it in her voice that she wasn’t lying.”

Per the publication, two of the woman’s puppies were in her bathroom when the cover popped off the drain in the center of the floor. Though both fell in, the mother was only able to grab one by the tail.

After Egan arrived at the scene, he could hear the stuck puppy’s voice — an indication that the pet was still alive.

Using a CCTV camera, Egan and his crew were able to locate the baby dog in the pipe, which gave them insight on where to cut.

“It is nothing short of a miracle that it has survived being stuck down the drain for over 60mins,” he added on social media.

After removing a section of the pipe, Egan gently shook it until the puppy slid out.

Not only did the cute woofer survive the scary ordeal, the 2-day-old was not injured.

“I’ve never, ever come across it and I don’t think I ever will,” he told USA Today, referencing his 12-year career as a plumber. “This was pretty unique for this situation to unfold and for the puppy to survive. It’s nothing short of a miracle, really.”

Egan said on social media the family wanted the name the rescued dog “Lucky” — though the dad suggested “Dollars,” considering how much he spent on the animal — the plumber told the publication they ended up naming it “Troopie” because the mutt was such a trouper during the incident.

Days later, Egan returned to the house to fix the pipe, and to check on Troopie’s recovery.

“It’s doing really well,” he told the publication. “It’s a really nice little puppy.”

Watch footage of Troopie’s insane rescue HERE and HERE!


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