Reese Witherspoon Says She & Beyoncé Are ‘Best Friends’!
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It’s safe to say Reese Witherspoon is “Crazy in Love” with Queen Bey!

On Monday’s episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the “Legally Blonde” actress details her relationship with her “best friend” Beyoncé.

Witherspoon and Bey’s journey to becoming BFFs began at the 2020 Golden Globes when the movie star asked the singer’s husband Jay-Z for a glass of champagne.

“Well, I just noticed that they were having champagne and we ran out of water at our table,” she recalled. “So, I was thirsty and so was [Jennifer] Aniston, who was sitting next to me, and I was like, well, Jay-Z seems to have a giant bottle of champagne. And I was, like, ‘Excuse me, Jay-Z…’ And he was like, ‘Yeah, do you want some champagne?' And I was like, ‘Yes, I do.' Because clearly, he brings the good stuff.”

Luckily for Witherspoon, the rapper ended up sending her an entire case of “good stuff” — aka Ace of Spades champagne!

But Jay and Bey’s generosity didn’t stop there! Blue Ivy Carter’s mother then sent Witherspoon her entire Adidas x Ivy Park capsule collection.

Though DeGeneres noted that she also received booze and clothes from the couple, Witherspoon jokingly took credit for Ellen’s gifts.

“No, no, no, she sent me clothes and then I was like, ‘I think Ellen might like these,” Witherspoon remarked. “And then she sent them to you because Beyoncé and I are really good friends. I mean, really, really, really good friends. And I mean, in fact, you might say best friends. Some might say that.”

The Oscar winner continued, “I mean, I’ve known her a really long time and I was like, ‘You guys, you gotta be nice to Ellen because she’s really important in our business and you should probably send her some champagne ’cuz she won a big award [the Carol Burnett Award] at the Golden Globes.’ So, that was, like, me just reaching out and making sure that you didn’t feel left out.”

Witherspoon also casually pointed out that she and Bey text “all the time.”

“I just have a little bee emoji on my phone ’cuz I don’t want people to know who I’m texting,” Witherspoon added. “I haven’t texted her, but, you know, we DM each other on the Insta because she follows me.”

Ugh! We are so jealous!


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