Idris Elba Defends Having Wife Sabrina by Side During COVID-19 Announcement

Idris Elba is giving fans an update about his health.

On Monday, the British actor — with wife Sabrina by his side — revealed he tested positive for COVID-19 though he experienced “no symptoms so far.”

The next day, the “Luther” star went live on Twitter, where he discussed how he’s feeling since coming forth with his announcement.

“Yesterday was good and bad. Bad because I tested positive, but it was also good because it opened up a lot of conversation around it. I think it made it a lot more real for some people. Definitely made it more real for me and my family,” the 47-year-old said.

As for his health, the leading man revealed, “Right now though, I am feeling okay. Woke up this morning, didn’t have any symptoms. My voice is a little tired… checking my fever twice a day. Feel good, feel okay. Been doing a lot of reading about it. You know, asymptomatic is what comes up.”

Elba also gave an update on Sabrina and said she was finally able to be tested on Tuesday.

“Sabrina’s good too. Sabrina today finally managed to get a test, and we’re thankful for that. Generally, Sabrina‘s fine. Nervous of course. Worried.”

Additionally, “The Wire” alum addressed criticism from social media users who believed Sabrina should not have been next to him during Monday’s announcement, considering she had not yet been tested.

“Just for clarification, Sabrina wanted to be by my side,” he said, adding, “We calculated that risk and decided to be together. Hope you guys can understand that.”

Elba also presumes Sabrina is likely to have the virus, given his diagnosis.

The two married in April 2019 at a ceremony in Marrakesh, Morocco.


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