Would YOU Put Up Your Christmas Lights to Spark Joy Amid Social Distancing?

So what if Christmas was three months ago!

Over the weekend on Twitter, Lane Grindle, a broadcaster for the Milwaukee Brewers, came up with the fun idea of people putting up their Xmas lights amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“What if we all put our Christmas lights back up? Then we could get in the car and drive around and look at them. That seems like a fair social distancing activity,” he wrote.

In addition to conjuring up some holiday cheer, driving around to ooh and aah at the festive displays would allow people to keep a safe distance from others.

After Grindle’s tweet went viral, an overwhelming amount of social media users were on board!

“That will be a very good idea! What you said made feel so cheerful. Thank you very much. I just love Christmas!” one commenter exclaimed.

“You’re supposed to take them down?” another joked.

Per CNN on Thursday, a 10-year-old boy from Rhode Island had a similar idea to Grindle’s.

“Hey, Dad, can we turn the Christmas lights on?” Holly Griffin says her son asked her husband. “I want something to look at.”

After the Griffin family put up their lights and encouraged others on social media to do the same, they received messages from all around the world in solidarity.

“Times are dark and there’s light to be spread,” Griffin told the news channel. “Now more than ever is a time to be looking outside yourself. I think taking our mental health seriously is really important and just hearing bad news all the time can really make that multiply.”

Griffin also hopes that the lights will cheer up those working at essential businesses, including grocery store employees, pharmacists, and first responders.

“It’s the little things we can do to feel connected,” she said.


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