‘Bachelor’ Alum Reveals Daughter’s ‘Surgery Went Great’ After Skateboarding Accident

Michelle Money shared good news about her daughter Brielle, who suffered serious brain trauma and a fractured skull after a skateboarding accident.

Posting video of her and her 15-year-old two hours before the incident, the former “Bachelor” contestant wrote on Monday that Brielle’s “surgery went great.”

In a previous video, the “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 1 winner said her daughter underwent a procedure to “remove fluid from her brain because her brain just has so much swelling and they need to keep the pressure down so they’re going to be removing some of her brain fluid.”

“Her numbers are in a really good place. Two more days to let the brain swell up and monitor until taking her off of sedation to see what we find,” Money said in the update. “Thank you again for the prayers. You will never know.”

In the clip, Money and her teenager — en route to a gas station — share a touching moment as they jam out in their car.

In another video, Brielle practices driving in a lot and does a not-so-good job at parking.

“This was two hours before the accident,” Money captioned the clip. “We decided to put makeup on and go to the gas station and grab a drink. I told her I would let her drive my car in the parking lot as she is working on driving soon. She told me she was awesome at parking! Lol! (She lied).”

The reality TV personality added, “We have so much fun together! She is my favorite human! I can’t wait to hear her laugh again!”

On Monday, Money said her daughter was found by neighbors after her accident, and that the neighbors called 911.

Sending love and prayers to Brielle during this difficult time.


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