CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo Tests Positive for COVID-19

Chris Cuomo has tested positive for the coronavirus.

On Tuesday, the CNN anchor revealed his diagnosis in a note posted on his Twitter page.

In his message, the journalist says he was recently exposed to people who later contracted the virus, and that he has exhibited symptoms including fever, chills, and shortness of breath.

“Sooooo in these difficult times that seem to get more difficult and complicated by the day, I just found out that I am positive for corona virus,” the 49-year-old wrote. “I have been exposed to people in recent days who have subsequently tested positive and I had fever, chills and shortness of breath. I just hope I didn’t give it to the kids [Bella, Carolina, and Mario Cuomo] and [wife] Cristina. That would make me feel worse than this illness.”

The “Cuomo Prime Time” presenter is currently quarantined in his basement and will continue anchoring from his house.

“We will all beat this by being smart and tough and united!” he concluded.

Recently, the newscaster and his older brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, made headlines for their playful on-air banter.

Earlier this month on CNN, Chris urged Andrew to call their mom more, saying on live television, “I appreciate you coming on this show, I love you, I'm proud of what you're doing. I know you're working hard for your state, but no matter how hard you're working, there's always time to call mom. She wants to hear from you, just so you know."

Andrew promptly shot back, claiming their mom said he was her favorite son.

On Monday, the two continued bickering, with Chris pressing Andrew if he is considering running for president.

“Are you thinking about running for president? Tell the audience,” Chris exclaimed.

Andrew responded, “No,” later adding, “No, I answered. The answer is no. I answered the questions, sometimes it’s one word: No.”


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