Don Lemon Tears Up Discussing CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo’s COVID-19 Diagnosis

Don Lemon got emotional while discussing fellow CNN anchor Chris Cuomo’s coronavirus diagnosis.

During Tuesday’s broadcast of “CNN Tonight,” Lemon spoke with Bianna Golodryga, the network's senior global affairs analyst, about how COVID-19 is affecting renters and homeowners during the pandemic.

After fumbling his lines with the next topic, Lemon admitted he was “distracted,” and teared up when Golodryga brought up Cuomo — who announced Tuesday on Twitter that he had contracted the virus.

"Sorry, I said I wasn't going to do this…" Lemon said, dabbing away tears with a tissue. "He's probably sitting at home laughing at me."

"Chris and I are very good friends. We live near each other. And so when I walk into work every day I have to walk by where Chris is, so I usually go to his office and sometimes I bring the dogs and we just say hello," Lemon explained to Golodryga. "Anyway, he's just not here, and we have this great relationship."

Earlier in the show, Lemon spoke to Cuomo via video chat and made a playful jab at his casual attire.

“Where’s your suit?” Lemon asked Cuomo.

“I’m too sick,” Cuomo answered. “It didn’t look right for me to be sick in a funereal suit. It’s too much like what I might be buried in.”

Cuomo, who is quarantined in his basement, will continue anchoring from his home.


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