Wayne Brady Says He’s Quarantined with His Ex-Wife AND Her Boyfriend!

Wayne Brady has a full house amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In an interview with Access Hollywood posted Tuesday, the Season 2 winner of “The Masked Singer” reveals his unique living arrangements during the global health crisis.

When asked how he is co-parenting 17-year-old daughter Maile with ex-wife Mandie Taketa, the “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” performer replied, “My ex-wife Mandie and I, we have a different and I think a very special situation than a lot of people that co-parent. And our daughter is 17, so it’s very different than if she were 5.”

While mentioning that he and Taketa have “co-parented as best friends” throughout Maile’s life, he noted, “We’ve also lived like seven minutes away from each other at the most.”

“Right now, we live literally next door to each other. So our quarantining is a little different. We quarantine between both of our homes and I’ve got a big backyard and lots of land so we both share this land and this space,” he explained.

Because of this, Brady is also quarantined with Taketa’s boyfriend Jason!

“So Mandie, her boyfriend Jason, my daughter Maile, we are a family,” Brady said. “We are like this nuclear family.”

However, this situation is, surprisingly, not awkward. As a modern family, they have “been doing TikToks, we’ve been playing board games, we’ve been in my studio writing songs together and freestyling, walking the dogs up the canyon and up the streets.”

“It’s an amazing time for family, because it’s kind of like a time-out,” he added.

In a December interview with People, Brady discussed his upcoming show, “Wayne Brady’s Comedy IQ” which he produced with Taketa.

“I’ve created it as a talent search to find a kid that was like me that wanted to sing, wanted to dance, had all these skills but didn’t realize that they could use those skills to learn improvisation, to learn sketch and then be funny,” he dished. “It’s a 10-week bootcamp where we crown a winner.”


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