Journalist Has Beautiful Reunion with Family After COVID-19 Quarantine

After 49 long days, Janis Mackey Frayer was finally able to hug her son.

Wednesday on Twitter, the NBC News foreign correspondent — who covered the coronavirus in areas such as Wuhan, China, as well as Japan and the United Kingdom — posted a video where she reunites with her family in Beijing.

Because of her travel followed by a mandated 14-day quarantine, the 49-year-old journalist was unable to make contact with her husband, Kevin, and their child for a month and a half.

In the clip, the mother and son, both wearing face masks, run towards each other and share a loving hug.

“With work travel, restrictions and quarantine in #China, our family was apart for 49 days. And yes, every one of them was hard — the worry, the decisions, the failed plans, isolation,” Frayer captioned the video. “Our little guy has been brave and resilient... and this was easily the best. hug. ever.”

On March 22, when Frayer returned home after five weeks of travel, she shared an image of her door, which contained a notice from Chinese authorities saying she “cannot set foot outside of the apartment for 14 days.”

Despite this, her son — who moved into a temporary residence with his dad — welcomed his mom with a drawing that read, “Welcome home! Momy [sic]”

Frayer previously worked with Canada’s CTV as its Asia Bureau Chief and holds a master’s degree in international relations from the University of Cambridge.


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