Niecy Nash Recalls Watching Her Mother Get Shot in the Back

Niecy Nash remembers the horrific moment when she witnessed her mother, Margaret Ensley, get shot in the back by her mom’s then-boyfriend.

In a sneak peek of UMC’s “Behind Her Faith” published by People on Thursday, the “Claws” star details the attack, which happened when the actress was just 15 years old.

“I probably would say I learned the power of prayer when my mother was shot,” the “Reno 911!” alum said in the clip.

Though Ensley survived the incident, Nash’s younger brother, Michael, 17, was tragically shot to death over a love triangle eight years later.

“When I saw [Ensley] laying out in that backyard, shot down like a dog in the street by a man who said he loved her, and what that recovery process was going to have to look like in order for her to be able to come back from that — and then, doubles down, not only are you shot, but now, some years later, your son is shot,” Nash said.

Despite everything that her mom went through, Nash says Ensley was still able to find light in the darkness.

“Just to try and see how she’s been able to keep a reasonable portion of her mind and find joy again,” Nash continued. “That is where I really leaned in and could see it, could see the power in that space.”

Nash previously opened up about her family’s tragedies in a 2010 interview with People.

“My mother said, ‘I give up,’” Nash said about her mom’s reaction to Michael’s death.

However, Nash refused to let her mother do this, and began telling jokes until Ensley cheered up.

“That’s when I realized comedy was a gift,” Nash said.

Nash’s episode of “Behind Her Faith” premieres today, Thursday. Watch a clip (below):


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