Tiffany Haddish Shows Off Her Rap Skills in New Music Video — WATCH!

Is there anything Tiffany Haddish can’t do?

On Wednesday, the actress/comedian added “rapper” to her résumé with the release of her new music video “Come & Get Ya Baby Daddy.”

In the clip directed by Chris Robinson, the “Girls Trip” star goes to a “potential baby daddy speed dating” event but isn’t too impressed by her suitors.

WATCH (below):

The track — which features Brooklyn MC Begetz — is available everywhere on Friday, April 3.

The funny lady previously announced her plans to record music in a February 2019 interview with Glamour U.K.

“It’s an exclusive. I’m working on an album! Granted, most of this album has already happened in my head, but that’s how it starts. It all starts in here and then it comes out and I’ve been talking to people,” she told the publication at the time.

Haddish explained that she was inspired to rap after snagging a 2019 Best Spoken Word Album Grammy nomination for the audio book of her memoir “The Last Black Unicorn.”

“I didn’t know you could get nominated for reading into a tape recorder, but you can!” she exclaimed. “I’m really excited about that and it really inspired me like, ‘Wow, if I can [get nominated] for a Grammy for telling my truth, what can I get if I really just apply myself and my vocal skills?’ I’m going to see what happens. It might be really great, it might not, but who cares, right? You’ve got to give it a shot.”

She also revealed she is trying to collaborate with Cardi B on a few tunes.

“I’m trying to get her on a couple of tracks,” Haddish said. “We’re going to have her chirping in [like], ‘brrrrrrr.’ I’m like, she ready, ‘brrrrrrr!’”


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