‘My 600-lb Life’ Star James King Dead at 49

James King, who appeared on TLC’s ‘My 600-lb Life,” has passed away at age 49.

According to TMZ on Monday, the reality TV personality died last Friday at a hospital in Nashville.

Though he suffered various health battles, including sepsis and cirrhosis of the liver, his exact cause of death has yet to be revealed.

King first appeared on the series in March 2017, when he weighed 791 lbs. At the time of his last appearance in 2018, he was 840 lbs.

On the show, King said his weight began to rise after his father married his stepmother, who had four kids of her own.

“We were a family of eight. But my dad didn’t make enough to provide for a family that big. And we went from having what we needed to being really poor. And I never knew if we were going to have enough to eat. So I just started to eat as much as I could when I got the chance,” he said on-camera. “And I remember the joy and safety there was in food. So, I started gaining some, and I was around 250 when I started high school.”

Sadly, King became more dependent on food when he experienced a number of tragedies at just 15 years old.

On the same day he buried his biological mother, who died from liver cancer because “she drank so much,” King received a call that his family’s house had burned down.

“I lost just about everything I had in a single day. I just couldn’t handle all that. I was just so depressed, tore up that I couldn’t even go to school. Seemed like all I wanted to do was eat,” he said.

King is survived by his wife, Lisa Raisor King, four daughters, two sons, and 19 grandchildren.

He will be missed.


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