25-Year-Old Rapper Chynna Rogers' Cause of Death Revealed

Chynna Rogers died from an accidental drug overdose at age 25.

On Wednesday, James Garrow, a spokesman for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, confirmed details about the rapper’s untimely death.

Earlier that day, Rogers’ manager, John Miller, told multiple outlets that the musician had been found dead at her Philadelphia home.

The model-turned-MC — known for viral hits such as “Selfie” and “Glen Coco” — had been open about her history with substance abuse.

When asked by Pitchfork in January 2018 how much of her personal life was expressed in her music, she responded, “I usually don’t express myself or get open about things until it’s in hindsight, and I’m not dealing with it anymore. That’s why I didn’t tell people that I was a drug addict until I got out of rehab.”

She continued, “I did end up talking about [her drug abuse], because there are a lot more people dealing with this ---- than you think, and they should know that someone who looks like me or does this could have the same problem as the fiend on the corner.”

While performing at Red Bull's “Careful on the Pavement” showcase that year, she reportedly told the audience that she had been opiate-free for the past three years.

Last month, Rogers dropped the music video for her song “Attention” off her last EP, the eerily titled “In Case I Die First.”

While announcing that she had shot the clip before the coronavirus lockdown, she expressed her desire to do more projects and to stay in touch with her fans.

Chynna will be missed.


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