EXCLUSIVE! Our Jeannie Dishes on Jeezy’s ‘Magical’ Proposal!

We couldn’t be happier for our girl Jeannie and her fiancé Jeezy!

On Monday’s all-new episode of The Real From Home, our very own Jeannie Mai spilled the beans about her March 27 engagement, and even showed off her beautiful ring!

As first reported by People, the rapper, born Jay Wayne Jenkins, was originally going to propose during a family trip to Vietnam. Sadly, the vacation was canceled due to travel restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

“At this very moment, Jay and I were actually supposed to be in Vietnam. So when the pandemic hit, I was really — I was really bummed,” Jeannie told Adrienne, Loni, Tamera, and Amanda. “And I know that sounds really selfish for a second, but I just was so looking forward to sharing my culture with him, and our families were gonna go — Jay’s dad was gonna come with us, Mama Mai was gonna show us where she lived — it was a whole thing.”

However, Jeezy didn't let the travel restrictions stop him. He decided to bring Vietnam to Jeannie.

During a romantic date night, he decorated his pad with authentic Vietnamese décor, and even served a meal consisting of dishes from various regions of the Southeast Asian country.

“He recreated the whole place, I’m not even kidding you. There was lanterns from actually Hoi An, where these lanterns were made, decorated in the room. There was all my favorite dishes from South Vietnam to North Vietnam — which I have no idea how he got during a quarantine! Mama Mai didn’t help him with it! That’s the crazy part!” Jeannie exclaimed.

After showing a slideshow of various Vietnamese landmarks — with the couple superimposed in the pics — Jeezy then asked for Jeannie’s hand in marriage in front of his fireplace!

“He said he wanted to propose in front of that fireplace because that fireplace is going wherever we move next,” Jeannie added.

To cap things off, Jeezy played a sweet video showing close friends and family congratulating the now-engaged couple.

“It was so magical, ladies. I can’t describe it in enough detail for you.”

Now that Jeannie has said yes to Jeezy’s proposal, when are the two going to say their “I do’s”?

“Are you guys thinking of a long engagement, like, are we going to a wedding soon?” an excited Tam asked.

“Right at this moment, we’re enjoying the engagement. This just happened. Yo, you guys, this literally, like, it was just a few days ago, so we’re just letting this air out — like a bottle of wine, Tamera!” Jeannie answered.

When Ade added, “Do you think you’ll be engaged for like a year or two years or do you see it being something soon?” Jeannie responded, “We’re very eager to celebrate our love.”

Jeannie also gave props to The Real as the two met on a November 2018 episode!

“We met on this show. You understand that? If it wasn’t for The Real, if it wasn’t for all of y’all doing whatever you got to do to get to your place in your career right now for this show to happen, Jay and I would not have met. How crazy is that?”

Congratulations to Jeannie and Jeezy on your engagement! You two deserve all the love and happiness in the world!


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