Jeannie & Jeezy Would Still Be Engaged If They Met à la ‘Love Is Blind’!

Jeannie Mai says she still “would have a thousand times said yes” to Jeezy’s proposal if they'd dated without seeing each other.

On Monday’s all-new episode of The Real from Home, the ladies discussed the Netflix sensation “Love Is Blind,” and how Ohio sport and social club, Dayton Sportcial, is doing its own version of the show for its Midwest residents.

Just like the dating program, contestants can’t see each other, but they can talk to one another from their “pods” aka their homes.

“The difference between the Netflix show and our version is that instead of ending in a proposal, the culminating moment will be when someone asks, ‘Will you join me on an overnight trip?’” Dayton Sportcial’s website read.

However, if a couple does get engaged, the group has “an ordained minister standing by to make it happen”!

While discussing this fun idea, Jeannie — who got engaged to Jeezy on March 27 — brings up the importance of having meaningful conversations with your partner.

“When I watched ‘Love Is Blind,’ I legit was like, ‘This is what I’ve been saying the whole time on The Real every dang day!’ Have these types of deep introspective conversations on your date night! Sometimes your date night gets too boggled down with where you’re gonna go, the fancy place you’re gonna go, the waiter interrupting all the time,” she said. “Being completely quarantined in a pod and having nothing but focusing on the conversation and the depth of it, and then watching that chemistry transcend through the wall, is real — real stuff.”

In fact, Jeannie says she and her man would still be getting married if they were only allowed to talk to each other while dating.

“And I am telling you guys right now, having dated Jay — and we asked each other this — if we only dated and didn’t see each other, the same dates but no visibility, would he have asked me to marry him? And he said a thousand times yes. And I would have a thousand times said yes. No matter how he looked,” Jeannie declared.

However, Tamera — who previously said she needs to have some kind of physical attraction toward a guy — brought up the hilarious point, “So you’re saying, if a man turned around and didn’t have his teeth…”

“Yo, I make money, I could have helped him with his teeth. I would have worked it out,” Jeannie proudly answered!

On Monday, Jeannie detailed Jeezy’s romantic proposal, which included an authentic Vietnamese dinner, a slideshow featuring the couple superimposed at various Vietnamese landmarks, and a video in which family and friends congratulated them on their engagement.

“It was so magical, ladies. I can’t describe it in enough detail for you,” Jeannie told Adrienne, Amanda, Loni and Tam at the time.

Congratulations again, Jeannie and Jeezy! We can’t wait for the wedding!


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