Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Deliver Meals in Los Angeles Amid COVID-19

This past week, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle delivered meals to those in need in Los Angeles amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Per People on Thursday, Project Angel Food — a nonprofit agency that cooks and delivers healthy, delicious meals to people debilitated by serious illnesses — confirmed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex helped deserving Angelenos on Easter Sunday and on Wednesday.

“…and they’ve done it quietly,” Richard Ayoub, the charity’s executive director, told the publication. “We’re completely honored.”

According to Ayoub, the married couple — who moved to a secluded compound in L.A. from their Vancouver Island home last month —donated their time and energy while dressed in casual attire.

“They had masks on, and they were dressed down with jeans, but very nice jeans,” Ayoub noted.

“They were extremely down-to-earth and genuinely interested in every single person they met,” Ayoub continued. “They engaged with our chefs, they engaged with clients — they just wanted to make sure that people felt the love and appreciation. Their goal was really to just honor our chefs and staffs and volunteers by being of service.”

Ayoub added that Meghan, a city native, “wanted to show Harry Los Angeles through the eyes of philanthropy.”

“It’s just beautiful,” he said. “There’s obviously a great deal of love and selflessness between them. They both are individuals who want to know about others. Our clients are clients who are often forgotten. They really wanted to go visit these people. They wanted to see them and talk to them and hopefully put a smile on their faces.”

On March 31, Harry and Meghan officially stepped back from the British royal family to split time between North America and Europe, as well as to become financially independent from the monarchy.

Prior to their official exit — dubbed “Megxit” — Disney+ announced that Meghan is narrating the original movie “Elephant,” which is currently available on the streaming service.

Late March, palace officials announced that Harry’s father, Prince Charles, contracted COVID-19 but later “came out of self-isolation” after being in “good health” following a federally approved seven-day quarantine.


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