EXCLUSIVE! Adrienne & Israel Are Trying for a Quarantine Baby!

Adrienne and Israel Houghton are getting down to business while quarantined!

On Fri-YAY’s all-new episode of The Real From Home, the ladies discussed a recent San Francisco Chronicle article about the possibility of there being a baby boom this year as couples are having lots of sex while social distancing.

That’s when our girl Ade dropped the bombshell that she and Israel are trying to get pregnant with their first child together!

“Yo, let me let you know, we are, pause, ‘hard at work’ to make it happen,” Ade dished to Amanda, Jeannie, Loni, and Tamera.

“But, yes, you guys, I’m taking this quarantine very seriously. I’ve ordered pregnancy tests, like on Amazon. I even got ovulation sticks. And yeah, we are hoping for a quarantine baby!” she exclaimed.

When Amanda asked if she was worried “how the healthcare of [childbirth] is handled in the midst of this crazy quarantine,” Ade revealed she has explored the possibility of having a home birth.

“So, literally trust me, I’ve thought all about it. You guys know I like to plan ahead, and I have somewhat of a control problem. But I have absolutely thought about it. The baby’s birthday would be in January of next year, and so I have already pre-planned,” she said. “I know this sounds crazy, but I’ve even tried to read and educate myself to prepare for a home birth, a water birth in the tub, how I would possibly get a midwife, have them tested.”

Being the planner that she is, Ade is already taking prenatal vitamins and folic acid, and is thinking about making adjustments to her diet.

“I’ve got everything I need and I’ve just been reading a lot, even about what I should be eating, obviously having a plant-based diet, what that would be like for a pregnancy,” she said. “Trust me, I have thought it out.”

Overall, Ade knows that what’s meant to be, will be!

“And this is my thing — and this has really been comforting to me, because someone on my [Instagram] Live asked me, am I not afraid to bring a child into the world during these crazy times? And obviously people know this has been a really long journey for me, and I feel like if God allows me to get pregnant during this time, then it’s in His will.”

Such great news!


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