Bella Hadid Cut Her Own Hair While Quarantined!
Instagram Story

Supermodel Bella Hadid shows off her hidden talent: Hairdressing!

Sunday on Instagram Story, the 23-year-old revealed she gave herself a haircut, as most salons are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I cut my bangs,” the catwalk star wrote over a selfie of herself wearing a cropped orange shirt and sweatpants.

After successfully trimming her tresses, Hadid then posted a poll asking fans if they would entrust her to cut their bangs.

Though 20 percent chose “No go - urself,” the overwhelming majority selected “Yes so cute” and would allow Hadid to man their mane.

With this information in hand, Hadid decided to test out her newfound skills on her quarantine buddy, Leah.

Bella cuts hair!

“I said you’re my squirmiest client,” Hadid wrote on another post. “She said she’s also my most still client and I guess, with that being said, my only client.”

After Hadid worked her magic, Leah appeared to be satisfied with the results.

“She loves it. As you can tell,” Hadid exclaimed.

Bella cuts hair!

This month, celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin — who has worked with Hadid as well as the Kardashians — posted a series of videos giving tips on how to cut your own hair from home.

Despite sharing these tutorials, Atkin highly urged her followers to leave their hair in the hands of professionals.

“This is just a basic trim tutorial to keep you going til the end of quarantine, and I highly recommend waiting for your hairstylist,” she captioned one of her clips.


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