Food Network Star Anne Burrell Is Engaged!

Anne Burrell, a chef known for appearing on the Food Network, is engaged!

Tuesday on Instagram, the “Worst Cooks in America” co-host announced she is set to marry Stuart Claxton, who works in ad sales marketing at Univision.

In an interview with People, the television personality — who met her fiancé on Bumble — says he popped the question in her hometown of Cazenovia, New York, where the two are currently quarantined.

“My mom and Stuart got together and made a plan where he and I were going to have a date night,” Burrell told the publication. “She set up a beautiful table in her apartment and we just planned a dinner for the two of us. We were having a nice time, and Stuart then starts saying, ‘Oh, this is a good song to put on a playlist for our wedding reception.’ And I’m like, ‘Okay, sure. But why are we talking about that now?'”

Little did Burrell know that Claxton had a ring in his pocket and was about to propose!

“We started talking about family and just how nice it was to be here with everyone, so I sort of started getting weepy already,” she recalled. “Then Stuart pulls a ring out of his pants pocket and I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh, I can’t believe this is even happening.'”

Claxton also told the outlet that he had begun planning his proposal before the coronavirus lockdown occurred.

“I got the ring right before we left for Cazenovia [over a month and a half ago], when we didn’t really know how long things were going to go on,” he explained. “But I’m very glad I did it.”

Despite everything that’s happening in the world, Burrell is grateful to spend time with her family, who got to play a part in her and Claxton’s magical moment.

“I think some silver linings come out of this whole situation,” Burrell noted. “If it wasn’t happening, we wouldn’t be up here with my family, and they would not have been involved in the way that they were.”

Ever since connecting on the dating app, Burrell says they “both knew immediately” that they were a perfect match.

“I don’t know if we had both thought of marriage, but we both were like, ‘Oh, yeah, this is something. This is really going to be real and this is going to turn into something.'”

Though Burrell, 50, had doubts if she would ever walk down the aisle, meeting Claxton opened her up to the possibility.

“Once you get to be a woman of 50 years old, you don’t really think that marriage is going to be on the plate for you,” she admitted. “I was always really focused on my career and marriage was never a huge thing in my life that I was looking for. Then when I met Stuart, my opinion about all that changed.”

At the moment, the couple are focused on their engagement, and will plan for their wedding when the time is right.

“Everything is so up in the air right now, so we haven’t even really thought about it,” Burrell said of their upcoming nuptials. “We’re just basking in the joy of this because that’s all we can do for the foreseeable future.”

Congratulations, Anne and Stuart! We are ecstatic for you two!


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