Megan Thee Stallion Gets Emotional After Releasing Beyoncé Collaboration!

We would be crying too if we just dropped a song with Beyoncé!

On Wednesday, social media went crazy after Megan Thee Stallion released the remix to her song “Savage” with the one and only Queen Bey!

After the track went viral, Megan went on Instagram Live and explained the emotional meaning behind collaborating with the fellow Texan superstar.

“It’s really crazy ’cause, like, my mama was a really huge fan of Beyoncé, and she used to make me watch a lot of Beyoncé’s stuff,” the 25-year-old said while tearing up.

Last March, Megan revealed that her mother and manager Holly Thomas passed away from “a brain tumor that had been cancerous for a while.” That same month, she told Essence that she had wanted to be a rapper since age 5 because her mom, also an MC, “showed me I can do this.”

“When I met [Beyoncé], I didn’t wanna be like, ‘Oh, my God, Beyoncé, me and my mama love you!’” Megan said on IG Live of their first meeting, which many believe was at a New Year’s Eve party this past year.

“For Beyoncé to even do a song with me? I’ve really only been out like two years. This is the beginning of year number two, like... Beyoncé?!" Megan exclaimed.

Megan also got sentimental when she recalled telling her grandmother about the first time she heard “Savage (Remix).”

“I heard it for the first time, and I called my grandma,” Megan remembers. “I was like in -------- shambles. I was really crying. I really got a ------- song with Beyoncé.”

Of course, Megan has long dreamed of doing a track with Beyoncé.

During a November 2018 interview with radio station Power 105.1, she told DJ Nyla Symone, “Well, we’re going to pray to Jesus Christ that it happens, but I really want to do a song with Beyoncé. I love me some Beyoncé. That'll just be crazy.”

Dreams come true, people!


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