Friends of Cady Groves Suspect Coronavirus May Have Led to Singer’s Death

Those close to Cady Groves fear that the country singer may have been the victim of COVID-19.

This week, Nashville authorities confirmed that the musician died at age 30 from natural causes on Saturday, May 2, after she was found in her room by her roommate, who had not heard from Cady for two days.

Cady’s death was also confirmed by her older brother Cody, who said his sister’s initial autopsy revealed that no foul play or self-harm was indicated. Cody also revealed that Cady suffered from “medical problems last fall,” which he and his family believe may have reemerged.

However, Cady’s friends told The New York Post on Monday that they suspect she might have succumbed to the coronavirus.

The outlet reports that Cady’s record label “asked specifically” if officials tested Cady for COVID-19, and they were reportedly told that a test was not administered.

“We’re in the middle of a pandemic — you would have thought it was the first thing they would do,” one insider exclaimed to the newspaper.

“Her death was just so unexpected. I think [COVID-19] was a concern for everybody,” the source added.

Last month on social media, Cady expressed how her “mental health is awful” while quarantining in Tennessee.

“I feel completely alone and scared and far from everyone I love and all I can do is keep myself busy and push through,” she wrote on Instagram.

She also tweeted that she felt “defeated,” as the pandemic made it “feel like we are all waking up every day looking out the window at the beginning of the world ending.”

A different insider told the Post that Cady reportedly suffered from “bronchial issues,” which may be in reference to the “medical problems” that Cody spoke of.

Cady’s reps say a final coroner’s report is not expected for several weeks.

May she rest in peace.


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