Would Jeannie & Jeezy Get Married on Zoom?

Zoom isn’t just for business meetings!

On Tuesday’s all-new episode of The Real From Home, the ladies discuss a recent Business Insider article about how couples are getting married on videoconferencing calls due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Considering that Jeannie — who accepted Jeezy’s proposal on March 27 — is the only one of the group who is engaged, would she consider saying her “I do’s” in front of a webcam?

The answer is N-O!

While noting that Jeezy popped the question during the quarantine, she told Adrienne, Amanda, Loni, and Tamera, “OK, so, I am a big fan of anybody still living their life out during this quarantine and not letting it stop them. So obviously, you know, baby showers, engagements… I think that if you can’t wait and it’s really important to you to do it now because of the date or the engagement itself…”

However, she and her man are “not rushed to rush our wedding or get married.”

“So, I wouldn’t Zoom because I can wait and build that out to what we want,” she added.

Though she has nothing against virtual weddings, Jeannie wants to honor certain family traditions, which can’t be done on a computer screen.

“I want to do the tea ceremony, you know. It’s like a very Vietnamese tradition to do the tea ceremony. I also — Mama Mai is gonna sing at the wedding. I wanna see that go down for sure,” she explained. “I think, you know, me and J love to dance. We’d wanna do a little something on the dance floor. You know what I mean? So, there’s certain things you can’t do on Zoom.”

Even if it means waiting years to tie the knot, Jeannie, most importantly, needs to make sure that she and her guests are safe.

“Can you imagine if you held a wedding ’cause you were so excited after quarantine? And somebody from your wedding gets sick? I would never live that down,” she exclaimed.

Regardless of when Jeannie and Jeezy are getting hitched, Loni already knows what part she wants to play in their wedding.

“’Cause I know, Jeannie, y’all are gonna wanna have a big wedding. And I wanna be the flower girl,” Loni hilariously added.

Last Thursday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order allowing couples in the state to apply for marriage licenses and to get married on videoconferencing calls — as long as there is at least one witness to the live ceremony. The order will remain in effect for the next 60 days.


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