Christina Milian Is Actually Glad to be Raising Her Baby Amid the Pandemic!

Christina Milian is turning a negative into a positive.

In a recent interview with “E! News,” the “AM to PM” singer says raising her newborn son Isaiah, who she welcomed this January with French singer/songwriter Matt Pokora, amid the coronavirus pandemic is actually an “absolute blessing,” because she gets to spend more time with the couple’s bundle of joy.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better time for this to be happening, to be honest with you,” the 38-year-old told the news channel. “I think it was going to be more challenging if I went straight back to work, because there would have been a sense of guilt that would really overcome me of not being able to have that time with my baby, so this couldn’t have come at a better time.”

The “Christina Milian Turned Up” star added, “One of the best and most rewarding things to ever happen is being a mom, and I don’t want to take that for granted.”

On last Friday’s episode of The Real From Home, the “Grandfathered” actress told our ladies that the lockdown has happily forced her to tone down her “hustler” mentality, and to turn up her “family woman” ways.

“As much as I’m a hustler, I’m also a family woman, and this is the most important time in my baby’s life right now. You’re never going to feel like any time is good enough. I’m just happy to be able to spend this quality time with the baby,” Milian told Amanda, Adrienne, Jeannie, Loni, and Tamera. “Even Matt is getting to have his quality time. His tour actually got canceled, so he has to stay home here. Violet [Milian’s 10-year-old daughter with ex The-Dream] is doing homeschooling. So, it’s pretty good. I can’t complain.”

During her appearance, Milian also responded to the positive attention she received for her slamming post-baby body. Though she is flattered to be a #fitspiration, she doesn’t believe one’s appearance is the most important part of motherhood.

“Everybody has their own time. I hope that’s not the main focus after having a baby… I’m glad I’m able to motivate other people. I don’t think that’s the key, the number one thing you should be focused on, because everybody has their own time,” she explained to our girls. “It is difficult in itself to even find the time to work out, let alone try to figure out what to eat, breastfeed, do all of that. It’s a lot of work. I don’t want anybody to feel the pressure.”

Milian previously announced her second pregnancy last July.

She and Pokora have been dating since 2017.


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