‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Addresses Criticism for Putting 11-Year-Old Son on ‘Very Strict’ Diet

Maci Bookout speaks out regarding Tuesday’s episode of “Teen Mom OG” where she promotes her 11-year-old son Bentley to go on a “very strict” diet.

As seen on the MTV show, Maci reveals that she enrolled Bentley, whom she shares with ex Ryan Edwards, in private wrestling lessons, as the sport is “a great outlet for him” to deal with his father’s reported addiction issues.

However, the reality TV personality said her son must “stick to a diet to make his weight class if he wants to achieve his goal” of making it to the state tournament.

“He weighs like, 74.5, 75 lbs.,” Bookout said at Bentley’s practice. “So now he just is on a very strict, good, healthy calorie diet.”

“About 1,000 calories a day,” Bentley chimed in.

“Lots of water and workouts to actually cut weight,” Maci added.

After the episode aired, several social media users slammed Bookout for encouraging her young son to undergo such a limited nutrition plan.

“I am normally on the same page with you about so much—but the weight thing... I have a son the same age as Bentley and I could not imagine telling him it is okay to lose weight at his age. He’s a growing boy and his body needs those calories and nutrients. Let him be little. And let him have the damn chocolate milk,” one wrote on Bookout’s Instagram page.

“You are creating an eating disorder in that boy. Shame on your parenting. This episode just makes me so sick. He’s 11. No 11 year old should be on a diet,” another added.

Tuesday on Twitter, Bookout clarified that she never convinced her son to “cut” weight, but to adopt a healthy eating plan that would allow to him to wrestle at 70 lbs. Ultimately, Bentley decided against it, and chose to wrestle at 75 lbs.

Bookout also shares daughter Jayde, 4, and son Maverick, 3, with husband Taylor McKinney.


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