Virgil Abloh Slammed for $50 Bail Fund Donation

Virgil Abloh, the founder of luxury fashion label Off-White and the artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear collection, has received heat for donating $50 to a fund helping those who were arrested for protesting George Floyd’s death.

Sunday on Instagram Story, the 39-year-old announced he made a contribution to a bail fund organized by (F)empower, an artist collective and movement in Miami, Florida.

“The Miami community — I’m crazy inspired,” the fashion designer wrote. “For kids in the streets that need a bail funds [sic] for George Floyd protests.”

“Matching the local energy,” Abloh added while tagging five IG accounts.

Virgil's donation.

Prior to this, the artist posted a list of organizations that will assist individuals with bail funds and legal help.

Lists of organizations.

After Abloh’s donation went viral, many slammed the amount, given the hefty price tags of his luxury goods.

“I can’t believe I donated more money than virgil abloh and I’m the one that’s unemployed,” one Twitter user wrote.

“so what you telling me is, Virgil Abloh could’ve donated a pair of Off-White socks and it would’ve been a more valuable donation,” a different commenter said.

“people should donate whatever they want, but man ... virgil abloh really just donated 11% of one off-white belt,” another added.

However, one Instagram user defended Abloh, writing, “I mean you can’t get mad at what someone chooses to do with THEIR money.”

After the story went viral, Abloh posted and then deleted a response on his IG Story, explaining that he was simply matching the donations of his friends.

“The concept of ‘matching funds’ with friend [sic] was meant to inspire other [sic] to do the same,” he said.

Abloh plans to address the specific amount of his donation, as well as the context behind it, at a later date.

“Since there is understandably intrigue about the exact amount of money I have personally given to the rightful cause of protest, I’ll post that too,” he wrote.

Virgil's explanation.

Per the Wealth Record, Abloh is reportedly worth more than $4 million.


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