Alleged Ahmaud Arbery Gunman Used Racial Slur After Fatal Shooting, Investigator Says

A Georgia investigator says William Bryan, the suspect who filmed Ahmaud Arbery’s February 23 shooting, heard fellow defendant Travis McMichael use a racial slur after Travis allegedly killed the unarmed 25-year-old black jogger.

During a preliminary hearing on Thursday, Richard Dial, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation assistant special agent in charge of the case, testified that William heard Travis say “------- ------” while standing over Arbery’s body near Brunswick in Glynn County, Georgia.

Dial said Bryan revealed this information in a May 13 GBI interview and does not believe Bryan previously made this allegation, even when interviewed on May 11.

The agent added that Travis allegedly used the racial epithet “numerous times” on social media and messaging in the past, and once replied to an Instagram message, allegedly saying it would be better if someone had “blown that N-word’s head off.” However, Richard did not say whom Travis was referring to with the aforementioned racist comment.

On May 7, Travis and his father Gregory were arrested and each charged with murder and aggravated assault for Ahmaud’s death.

While Travis allegedly fired three shots from a shotgun, Gregory, also armed, watched the shooting while standing in the bed of a pickup truck.

William, Travis and Gregory’s neighbor, filmed the incident on his cell phone, and was later arrested and charged on May 21 with felony murder and criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment.

Per a police report, Gregory appears to imply that William participated in the chase by telling an officer that William “attempted to block” Ahmaud as he ran.

All three suspects remain in Glynn County jail and have yet to enter pleas.


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