‘Torrance Karen’ Unleashes Another Racist Rant in Shocking New Video

A woman who was caught on video unleashing a racist rant against an Asian woman for exercising in a Torrance, California park was filmed spewing more racist words in a separate incident.

Thursday on Twitter, Brendon McNerney shared a video sent to him by his friend and attorney, an Asian man, featuring the same woman — dubbed “Torrance Karen” by social media — from the Charles H. Wilson Park footage.

In the clip, shot at what appears to be a parking lot, the man tells the woman, “Did you just make a racist comment?”

In response, the woman says, “I am not a racist person. But you know what? You need to go home.”

The woman is also heard speaking in a mock Asian accent and calls the man “Chinaman.”

“This is my country and this is from my government: Go home. Put that on your Facebook. You know what, you are nothing,” she added.

McNerney says the woman berated the man while his kids were in the car.

TMZ reported Friday morning that a police report for criminal threats was filed, and that authorities are still working to get in touch with the woman.

In addition to the incidents at the park and at the parking lot, Twitter user Kayceelyn Salminao alleges the same woman physically attacked her in a public restroom last October. Though Salminao says she filed a police report, she says “nothing came of it.”

“That’s a voice you don’t forget, that’s a face you don’t forget. Especially what she had done to me,” Salminao told KTLA 5.

Salminao told the news channel that the woman was disparaging a cleaning woman when Salminao intervened.

Salminao alleges the woman threw her to the ground and threatened her not to get back up.

When Salminao began to get up, “that’s when she physically grabs my hair and pushed me down and starts punching the back of my head.”

On Thursday, Congressman Ted Lieu, who represents the Torrance area, spoke out about the Charles H. Wilson Park incident on his Twitter page.

“This woman went on an anti-Asian tirade in Torrance, CA. You know what’s sort of cool? The good and decent people of Torrance repeatedly elected an Asian American to City Council, then State Assembly, then State Senate, then Congress. That would be me,” Lieu wrote.

On Friday, South Bay Social organized a rally at Charles H. Wilson Park to stand in solidarity with the park victim, known on Facebook as Sherry.


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