‘All Lives Matter’ Supporter Berates New York Barista Over ‘Black Lives Matter’ Sign
Rohan Singh/YouTube

A New York man was caught on video causing a scene at a Brooklyn coffee shop because the establishment had a “Black Lives Matter” sign attached to its front window.

Thursday around 9:35 a.m., Rohan Singh filmed the confrontation outside of Burly Coffee in Bedford-Stuyvesant in which a white man demands to the barista that the shop remove its BLM sign because it is “offensive” to him.

“So, this was my morning. I just wanted to get some coffee. But this racist ------- decided it’s time to educate us and ‘make a protest’ about how ‘all lives matter,’” Singh wrote on Twitter.

When the barista refuses to take down the sign and asks him to leave, he points to the sign and says, “This is the most racist thing out there. I’m not a racist... this is offensive and I want you to take off this sign.”

The man — who is not wearing a face mask — is also heard chanting, “All lives matter!”

Several bystanders watched the scene unfold and vocally defended the coffee shop employee.

“This is an establishment. This is her workplace. Stop harassing her,” one witness said.

“Go home!” demanded others.

Eventually, the man did leave after the barista was forced to close down the store.

Later that day on their Instagram page, Burly Coffee applauded the staff member for taking a stand against the disruptive customer, who has allegedly caused disturbances in the past.

The coffee shop also thanked those who donated to their Venmo “tip jar,” noting that the barista “who experienced this hatred will receive the tips directly. “

“Burly will be making a contribution in support of the community we love and are thankful to be a part of,” the business concluded.


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